Plan for Grand Wagoneer Is As New Jeep Flagship

Think of all the reasons that you love the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee: it's big, powerful, well-equipped and capable of off-roading like an absolute boss. Now, think of taking all of those things that you love and then cranking them up to "11," because Jeep reportedly has plans to release a new Jeep Grand Wagoneer, which would be bigger, stronger and more lavish than the critically-acclaimed Grand Cherokee.

By 2018, we won't just have to think about this vehicle, however, as it looks as though Michael Manley, Jeep global brand director, has plans to go through with actually making a new Grand Wagoneer that would serve as the largest vehicle in the Jeep lineup.

"Part of my plan says there is space for us above the Grand Cherokee," Manley said in an interview with AutoCar. "I've always talked about Grand Wagoneer and that for me is a big focus and will fill out the brand at the top."

The vehicle obviously will take a few years to develop and a few more to get ready for production and actual sale, but it's hard not to get excited about this, as an SUV higher than the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee would be a big deal for your Hawaii Jeep dealership since it would unquestionably compete with some pretty major big luxury SUVs.

The new Grand Wagoneer is being dubbed a "flagship SUV," which means it literally hopes to hang with the big boys. Based on what we've seen of the award-winning Grand Cherokee, we can't imagine how excellent a bigger, tougher version of that vehicle might look like.

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